quality craFted botanicals

As Montana Reserve emerges, our mission is to embody what Montana is all about and bring a quality product to market that holds true to our wonderful state and unique people. Our team believes that the key to making Montana’s finest botanicals comes from generational experience mixed with science and a bit of art. Our hard-working nature and focus on detail truly allow us to deliver crafted, high-quality, and consistent products for our customers.

OUR promise


Our products are grown by knowledgeable and meticulous cultivators. We have taken years of our personal experience and paired this with well-executed cultivation strategies and industry-leading technology to create quality botanicals. We recognize the many choices you can make when looking for a botanical provider, however, Montana Reserve is the only crafted botanical that truly deserves to be called Reserve.


As the cannabis industry has grown and developed, we didn’t want to leave our Montana roots behind. Our Passion, dedication, and hard work is what allows us to bring our exceptional botanicals to you. Consciously sourcing our materials, following industry-leading standards, and the use of meticulous testing, we ensure plant potency, purity, and transparency each time you make a purchase and leave our store. 


In the day and age of choices, knowledge, and information, Montana Reserve uses all at our disposal to ensure you receive exactly what you expect in our products as well as your experience in store. Consistency is a standard and something to be expected by consumers. We maintain the integrity for our plants and products, and for our customers at each step of the journey.

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